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The Squared Up clip was designed by Olaolu Opebiyi. Ola is an electrical engineer by training, has worked in IT, is a business analyst and passionate about innovation and solving problems.

Two years ago, he was inspired to design an accessory that could keep a pocket square in place after spending a busy day fiddling with his, as it either fell in or out of his pocket. He then became conscious of other men doing the same; soon afterwards he set out on a mission to solve this sartorial dilemma.

Along the way, he discovered that existing products only partially solved the problem. There was only one thing left to do: design a product that did the job. Two years ago he created a prototype and in 2019, he refined the design and functionality through a collaboration with a design company. In 2020, the Squared Up Clip™ was born. 

"I cannot believe that no one has thought about solving this problem before. This is such a spectacular idea and amazing product. It solves a huge problem and looks very trendy!"


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